Shennae Christopherson Stealth Media Team Member


Shennae is just starting her career in this industry. She first took on the role of receptionist, but with her confidence and drive she quickly advanced to Client Representative. With her foremost skills being in customer service, she is flourishing in her new role. Her positive outlook and friendly personality make her inviting and easy to communicate with.

When faced with client concerns, she is calm and effective at solving problems and overcoming obstacles. One aspect she enjoys most about her career is that her connections with clients and innovative thinking come together to improve the systems that clients use in their daily operations.

Shennae Christopherson Drawing Stealth Media Team Member


Outside of her professional career Shennae likes to kick off her high-heels and indulge in nature. Originally growing up in a small northern community, she is accustomed to the lake life. Weekend outings with family spent fishing, hunting or exploring on ATV’s are just some of her favorite activities when given the chance to escape the fast-paced city. Seeing the same excitement on her nephew’s face she once had for discovering recreation in the great outdoors brings her bliss.

Now that her days of being in a classroom are over, she is thrilled to start exploring what the rest of the world has to offer. Her enthusiasm to start learning about other cultures has brought her to Cuba and Mexico so far, with Greece being next on her bucket list. Her ultimate goal is to graciously balance her career, traveling and one day a family.